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Price Table Builder

WordPress Price Table Builder Plugin Presentation of products and services would be a please by using the right tool. Huge-IT Price Table Builder is ideal to put the products and services of the most convenient and attractive way. This awesome tool will not only add a catchy price table, but also will help to raise the interest of your clients in the products and services you offer and make the list of product features most attractive and business oriented.

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Demo 1



5 Users

10 projects

10 gb amount of space

5 e-mail accounts

2 domains



8 Users

14 projects

12 gb amount of space

5 e-mail accounts

3 domains



10 Users

18 projects

15 gb amount of space

8 e-mail accounts

4 domains




15 Users

20 projects

18 gb amount of space

10 e-mail accounts

7 domains